On Reinventing and Re-imagining

So, I have been on this journey for a couple of years…trying to blog, up-cycle and generally be creative as a way to generate an income without having a “real” job. It has been a challenge and I have never quite found my sweet spot; but I have never given up hope that I could make it happen. However, sometimes life changes and you have to change with it. Dreams sometimes need to be re-imagined or reinvented. This is the space in which I find myself today.

I am returning to full-time employment in the field that I have worked in most of my life. At first, I was less than thrilled; but the idea has grown on me. Now I’m finding myself excited to return to a more traditional job and see where my professional pursuits can take me. I have re-imagined my life yet again and now I am eager to start reinventing my career. I’m thankful that I have come to this place of not only acceptance but excitement, because my life is not all about me. My husband has found what I would call his dream job and he has waited DECADES for that to happen. But in order for it to be a reality, I had to step up, so I did. I am so excited for both of us. It is definitely not where I saw this journey taking me, but I am determined to enjoy the ride.

Needless to say, Underwood Revision will need to take a backseat to some other things in life. It is not going away and I am not throwing in the towel, I’m just changing my focus and that requires me to spend less time in this space. And while that makes me a little sad, I am excited about theĀ  prospects on the horizon and how they will shape not only my days but my dreams. So, I will still write and create in my free time, and I’ll share some of the best stuff here. A creative heart needs an outlet after all. And please, don’t be sad for me…like I said, the future looks different for Underwood Revision, but I’m confident it still has one.

I will still be here, I haven’t given up…so don’t any of you give up on me.


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