Happy Place Upgrade

Boy does summer get busy! I intended to write this a couple of weeks ago but apparently I’ve had other things to do.

I love sitting on my deck, aka my Happy Place. It’s my favorite spot to spend time. During the summer anything I can do from eating to working, I do out on the deck whenever possible. It’s just a beautiful, tranquil, relaxing spot. It faces the east and gets lovely morning sun and blissful afternoon shade. The only thing I don’t like about it is that it also faces my neighbors front yard.



We have lovely neighbors, we couldn’t ask for better, but I like a private cozy feel when I’m sitting out there. I don’t like to be distracted or disturbed by the goings on of other people, so I created a little privacy where there was none before.

I didn’t want to do anything too permanent because someday I plan to put a walkway in that would connect this space to the brick patio off of our family room. As you can see, my deck has a beautiful planter wall (courtesy of my wonderful and indulging husband) and the flowers are filling that in nicely now,  so it was just the little angled bit behind my fountain that needed my attention.

I decided that I would just make an inexpensive screen with some hardwood plant stakes (which of course came from Menard’s, lol) and burlap that I already had. But that plan was quickly altered after I perused the clearance fabric at my local Walmart. I don’t usually shop at Walmart, but I’m glad I stopped that day. Not only did I find fun outdoor fabric for three dollars a yard, I also found some clearance red and white mattress ticking to use for some holiday projects I have planned…someone please remind me it’s too early to be thinking about Christmas crafts!

Anyway…the stakes are 6ft. tall and I used the entire width of the fabric to get as much height as possible. I sewed a pocket on each end and created one with an extra strip of fabric down the middle. There will be no close up shots of the sewing, because as I’ve stated before, I suck at sewing. It turned out a little messy and a bit crooked, but from my lounge chair I don’t notice it so I don’t care!

I slid the stakes into the pockets and hammered them into the ground. I did tie the outside stakes to the planter wall and a hook on the house to stretch out the fabric and to add a little more stability. It’s nothing fancy but it was an inexpensive way to get some privacy and it adds a fun pop of color for the summer. Also, when I’m ready to do something more permanent, I don’t have to disassemble anything. I call that a win!

I hope everyone is finding time to soak up some summer sun in their own personal “happy place”.



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