For The Love of Lemons (and a little lime)

Apparently I am on a citrus kick with my decor this summer. It started on my deck with this pillow, and then it sort of oozed into the dining room as well.


And yes, I know this pillow is a lime, but I ended up going the lemon route with most of the decor…I just love a happy yellow! In addition to this pillow, I bought citrus colored plants and refreshed some old decor with some fresh paint in colors to match the theme. The biggest project I undertook was an actual painting of lemons on a canvas and a smaller one on a wooden tray. (I thought I was going to use the tray on the deck, but it ended up as part of the great lemon migration into the dining room.)

The painting:

The tray:


And here’s a few other pictures of the deck:

The blue fabric and pillows are some of last years decor, but I felt like the colors and pattern worked with the citrus theme and I’m a little cheap, so I used them. Also, I just have to tell you, that planter wall is probably my favorite thing in my entire house. I thank my husband every year for building it for me. This year it is housing my spinach, kale and lettuce. I love going out on the porch and picking a salad for lunch! The lattice with the outdoor fabric on top is to block my view of the neighbors and make my deck feel more secluded without obscuring our view of the yard. The fabric is at just the right height to “cover” the neighbors house while I’m sitting in the deck chairs, it works great!

Now on to the dining room. I love buffalo check, it works great as a background pattern for a lot of different seasons/decor. I found a gray buffalo check table cloth and a lemon branch tea towel at Hobby Lobby and I knew that they had to come home with me. That meant the inside of my house had to join the lemon party. I also found a beautiful milk glass container at Goodwill for four dollars that I thought would make a great centerpiece for my table. I had some spring greenery and lemon picks from Walmart and some floral foam, so i went to work on it. I love it so much, and I think I will be able to keep it as is year round and just change the lemons out during the different seasons. (i.e. pumpkins in fall, tulips in spring…) I wanted more than just a table that was lemony, so I decorated the dresser in the dining room with a buffalo check scarf that I bought at Dollar Tree during Christmas and the tray I painted to use on the porch. I also upcycled a vase to match and added some of the Walmart greenery to coordinate with my centerpiece. The vase is in a tiered tray on my buffet.

These areas are still a work in progress. I’d like to get some faux lemons to add to the enamel bowl on the dresser, and I’m considering painting a lime picture to go with the lemon one. I so enjoy making my home a place I love to be, it’s been especially nice during these times in which we currently find ourselves. Dorothy was on to something when she said, “There’s no place like home.”

I hope you are finding your home to be a restful retreat this summer, and all year long. Be blessed, and remember: Keep. It. Creative.


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