Underwood Revision Update

Hello friends! It’s been a crazy busy summer and time has gotten away from me again! I really need to be more diligent with my blog posting. I have been working away on some projects, I just haven’t taken the time to share them. So, more project posts will be coming soon.

For now, here’s an update and some information on what to expect in the upcoming months.

I haven’t posted much about it, but I do believe that I have mentioned that my daughter, her husband and my granddaughter have been living with us for the past few years. It’s been a good opportunity for them to become financially stable and to save for a home of there own. Well…they bought a house! Closing should happen by the end of the month with move in shortly after. (there is some painting and flooring to do before the move in, but nothing major) All this means, I have a few rooms to redo! (Ah! I love redecorating!!!)

While it has been fun (most of the time, lol) to have them here, we have been crowded. I sure am thankful for this big old farmhouse, if we lived in anything smaller I don’t think we would have made it this long! Being crowded has meant that my crafting and up-cycling stuff has been tucked in every available space and that my office is just a small corner in my bedroom. All that is about to change!

My upcoming room projects are as follows:

Craft Room/Office: I’m pretty excited about this, let me tell you! There is a bedroom on the main floor of our home that is going to become MY space. I will put in an office desk, a crafting station and oodles of storage. I’m planning to do it on the cheap, because I like a challenge and let’s be honest…I”m cheap, lol. I’m leaning toward a Boho/Farmhouse style in there because I like that look and because it’s easy to get mismatched pieces to  work together in that style.

Dressing Room: Next on my list is the bedroom across the hall from mine. It will be my dressing room! We have lived here for over 20 years and I’ve never even had a real closet (just an antique wardrobe) so this will be life changing! I will be moving my vanity, two dressers and shoe organizer to this space. I plan on making it pretty and girly. My husband is excited about this room too because it’s going to really free up space in our bedroom and we will be able to put some comfy reading chairs in there.

Family Room: We are fortunate to have a living room and a family room. It’s been a real blessing with the kids here. While they have been with us, the family room has been their living room and it’s been nice to have that separation. This room won’t be getting a dramatic makeover right away, but I do have plans for the future. For now, it will get a spruce up. We will reinstall the wood stove, paint and get/make new window coverings. I’m also planning to have a National Parks theme in this room because we have just loved our times in the parks and it will be a good way to display some of the art and collectables I have from those trips. Part of this room may become workout space as well, but I’m still trying to figure that piece out.

Guest Room: This room is going to be the biggest project to tackle. It is actually a porch that was enclosed long before we moved in. It has served many purposes over the years and right now it’s a staging area for all the packing. This room is going to get built-in bookcases, a desk and a Murphy bed. I plan on it primarily being a guest room, but I’d also like it to serve as a little library/music room as well. It will be white, bright and clean with lots of plants.

Bathroom: Our second bathroom has been the kids bathroom. It recently got a little “lift” when we repainted the walls and the vanity, so it doesn’t need a lot of work. I’m planning on doing a few projects to make it feel more farmhouse and I’m also going to change up the storage in there as well.

Other Rooms: While I’m on this redecorating spree, I will also be doing small tweaks to the other rooms in my house and I’ll try to document those as well so I can share them with you.

While all of this is going on, I will also be doing some crafting and up-cycling because I’m going to need decor and like I said, I am trying to do this all on a shoestring. (I’ve actually already finished a few.) So be on the lookout for posts about redecorating on a budget.

I hope this post finds you well and that your summer is good, even if it’s a bit different this year.  Be blessed and remember: Keep. It. Creative.



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