Budget Christmas Wreath Pt. 2

Along with making the new wreaths I shared in my last post, I have also been giving the wreaths that I have used for years much needed makeovers. Beyond that, I've actually gone into the attic and retrieved all of my florals and garlands to see what sort of refreshing I could do to them … Continue reading Budget Christmas Wreath Pt. 2

Budget Christmas Wreath Pt. 1

Lately I have been slightly addicted to watching YouTube videos of people making Christmas decor out of items purchased at the dollar store; I'm a little obsessed with the idea and I decided I needed to try it myself. So here is what I made using dollar store items. Full disclosure: I used at least … Continue reading Budget Christmas Wreath Pt. 1

Green Thumb

I've been working on a couple of thrift store finds that I'm quite excited about. I'm turning two candle holders into plant holders...plant art...plant sculpture? I'm not sure what to call them, but I'm pretty happy with the end result. The first one is a wall mounted piece that cost me about three dollars.¬† It … Continue reading Green Thumb